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Lawman maintains $750K In Inmate meals price range, Buys seashore home, Blames Media

Lawman maintains $750K In Inmate meals price range, Buys seashore home, Blames Media
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es any extra taxpayer greenbacks meant to feed inmates of their jails. He’s one among 49 Alabama sheriffs named in a lawsuit filed in January by using human rights companies alleging abuse of the law. The businesses say that due to the fact Alabama sheriffs have whole discretion over what inmates eat, the regulation incentivizes sheriffs to cutprices on meals.

In reaction, Entrekin, who is running for reelection this yr, has pop out swinging, calling the claims “faux news” churned out through the “liberal media.”

Entrekin did now not at once go back TPM’s questions seeking comment.

Entrekin sold a $750,000 seaside residence, spent food price range on lawn mowing
Entrekin has admitted to collecting great sums in what he calls his “meals provision” fund. In paperwork filed with the Alabama Ethics commission and obtained by means of, Entrekin mentioned he made “more than $250,000” in step with 12 months over the last three years in excess government funds intended to feed inmates.

The sheriff has been cagier about wherein that cash went. pronounced that no matter pulling in an annual income of around $93,000, Entrekin and his spouse in September purchased a $740,000 fourbedroom residence at the Gulf Coast, and own several different homes as properly.

In a March press conference, Entrekin adamantly denied the use of inmate-feeding budget to buy a seashore house, insisting that he and his wife bought a apartment they owned to cover the $592,000 mortgage.

but surfaced different purchases, including a sequence of assessments Entrekin utilized in 2015 to pay a neighborhood teenager for mowing his lawn. Matthew Qualls, now 20, showed the newspaper copies of one of theassessments, which became printed with the words “Sheriff Todd Entrekin food Provision Account.”

Inmates say they have been compelled to eat rotten meals, went hungry
In a criticism filed in Hale County circuit courtroomlegal professionals for the Southern Coalition for Human Rights say they get hold of common letters from inmates in the course of Alabama reporting that their food is “insufficient in amountor nutritional price, spoiled, or contaminatedwhich include with insect or rodent droppings, or overseas gadgets.”

situations in Entrekin’s Etowah County prison are specifically properly-documented, thanks to’s interviews with former inmates who worked inside the kitchen. They routinely served up a meat product whose plastic wrapping becamecategorized “now not in shape For Human consumption.”

Expired or infected meals — processed thriller meat, rotten chicken, cereal past its expiration date — is donated to the jailvia neighborhood non-earnings and groups and repurposed into mealsthe previous inmates told

Inmates who refused to devour the spoiled food go hungry. That’s brought about inmate unrest and, in at the least one occasion specific by using the newspaper, a suicide strive.

Entrekin said in a March press conference that his facility always exceeded inspections with “flying hues.” Calling the foodserved at his jail “nutritious, healthy and balanced,” Entrekin cracked that the inmates can’t expect Domino’s, grandma’s cooking, or “cake on their birthday”

this is a jail, this isn’t a mattress and breakfast,” he stated.

source who spoke out towards Entrekin became arrested
4 days after Matthew Qualls went at the document with approximately his garden-mowing paintings for Entrekin, he changed into arrested for the primary time on an anonymous tip.

officers from the Rainbow city Police department arrested Qualls at an condominium on the town after receiving a callthat marijuana smoke became emanating from inside. They charged him with 2ddiploma marijuana ownership, drug paraphernalia ownership, and legal possession of a controlled substance for possessing Adderall drugs with out a prescription, consistent with the newspaper’s file.

Then the Etowah County Sheriff’s office got involved.

Qualls become ultimately charged with a second paraphernalia fee, a 2d legal managed substance possession price, and, most significantlycriminal drug trafficking, for which some Alabamans were sentenced to prison for lifeeven though the entire quantity of marijuana buds determined within the condominium become well below the 2.2-pound nationthreshold for trafficking expenses, Entrekin’s office decided to count number the whole 2.3 pound weight of a big box of weed butter located at the premises whilst calculating Quall’s costsdespite the fact that there was most effective abouthalf an ounce of weed in it.

Rainbow metropolis Police instructed that they might not have made this type of decision. Etowah County’s Drug Enforcement Unit stated they interpreted the regulations differently.

Entrekin blames the “liberal media” for the debate over his moves
as the horrific headlines have piled up, Entrekin has come to be increasingly more vented at the “liberal media,” and its “miscellaneous fake information.”

At his March press conference, the sheriff lashed out at reporters who “don’t let the data get within the manner of an excellent story,” blaming the click for scaring human beings from strolling for workplace via selling “false attacks” and “half-truths.”

“That’s what’s incorrect with politics these days,” Entrekin said, describing himself because the sufferer of a “political smear marketing campaign.”

The sheriff went on a comparable tear at some stage in an interview this week with the Gadsden instances, describing the frequent excursions inspectors make of his facility and accusing of printing “the very definition of bogus news.”

this is the same media that argues towards the demise penalty for murderers, towards jail time for drug sellers and towards deportation of criminalunlawful immigrants,” Entrekin said.

different sheriffs have additionally profited from inmate-feeding budget
Entrekin is simplest the modern-day in a protracted collection of sheriffs who have profited from this regulation.

Ledgers supplied to SCHR by using Monroe County Sheriff Thomas Tate display that Tate pocketed around $a hundred and ten,000 over a 3year duration in “excess” price range. As said, that sum rose every yeareven though the in keeping with diem amounts paid to his office by way of the kingdom, municipal and federal authorities remained the equal among 2014 and 2016.

in one infamous 2009 incident, Morgan County Sheriff Greg Bartlett became jailed by using a U.S. district decide for underfeeding inmates even as pocketing tens of hundreds of bucks. Bartlett controlled this, in elementby doling out$500 for “half of of an 18-wheeler load of insurance-salvaged corn dogs,” which he fed to inmates for two food an afternoon for weeks, as neighborhood station WHNT mentioned.

Bartlett’s successor as sheriff, Ana Franklin, argued in federal court remaining 12 months that there was nothing flawedabout her selection to loan $one hundred fifty,000 from her inmate’s food fund to a now-bankrupt used car dealership. Allegations that inmates have been receiving decreased rations, like “a sandwich with half a slice of cheese on it,” have been, she said, unrelated to Franklin’s selection to hold what she deemed extra budget.

Franklin settled with the courtroom, returning the funds and paying a $1,000 nice. She stays in office.

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